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  • Mibolsillo
TypeStartup Country Peru Startup interested in Funding, Technological Support, Strategic Partnerships, Visibility, Accelerator Programme, Clients
  • MiBolsillo
  • Fintech
  • |
  • Founded in 2018
  • |
  • 5-10 employees

More than 50% of adults are excluded from the formal financial system in LAC. In addition to that, MSMEs [28mi] have difficulties to access credit, largely because they cannot prove their income to financial institutions since around 70% do not keep records of sales and financials and 80% of them are informal with only 6,5% of them using formal finservs. Without access, entrepreneurs find it hard to grow their businesses. Additionally, MFIs have the challenges of (i) growing their client portfolio, by having access to reliable, low-risk low-cost information for decision-making; and (ii) reducing default rates + increasing lifetime value from current clients. Unitary costs associated to acquiring new clients stand at US$56. Each credit analyst has an average target of 240 new clients/year. Reducing that cost in two-thirds and with high

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