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  • Edipro
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  • EdiPro
  • Real Estate
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  • Founded in 2015
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  • 10-20 employees

Leaving in condominiums and residential buildings is the way to go for most of the urban population worldwide. But it produces a series of issues: - Bad management creates problems with assets and maintenances - Not-so-honest managers can easily steal from the accounting - In most countries in LATAM, condo fees are paid in cash or checks, with a huge loss of time for the co-owners. EdiPro is a platform with 3 focuses: - Accounting and finances, to bring transparency to the management of the condo's money. It also includes online payment of the condo fees. -Security, with access control and streaming of the security cameras. -Life in community, with many features aiming to create a better local community. EdiPro digitalizes every process in the buildings and condominiums, making the management smarter, the accounting more transparent and

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